Covered Bridge Produce

Covered Bridge Produce is no longer in operation.

This website records what we were and serves as a means of communicating news about our ongoing effort to settle our accounts.

Covered Bridge Produce is a family farm predicated on the notion that fresh vegetables can make a difference in people's lives. We grow certified organic vegetables of exceptional merit. Our focus is on varieties that are regarded as especially healthy or delicious such as greens or heirloom tomatoes. Because some of the crops we raise are a bit exotic, we offer descriptions, photos and recipes on our website as well as cooking classes at the farm. Our goal is to help people take advantage of what the vegetable kingdom has to offer.

We don't describe our farm as a CSA because it is different in several respects from this popular agricultural distribution model. Our customers don't get a weekly share of the total farm production -- they order what they want each week. We have tried to make shopping our farm akin to visiting a market. Covered Bridge Produce customers choose ten selections each week from a constantly evolving menu of in-season vegetables. If ten items is too many, you may be able to find a share partner with whom you can split a share (see our Share a Share page). Using Internet technology, we are able to custom harvest each order and deliver it in a bushel box to one of approximately twenty pick-up sites in and around Philadelphia the day after harvest.

To find out more about our farm, click on the Covered Bridge Produce, Farm Photos and Our Vision links. To learn about the vegetables we grow, click on Expected Availability Schedule and Vegetable Gallery. If it sounds promising, you might want to read about Our Subscription Service and find out about how to Become a Subscriber. Finally, all are welcome to browse our growing list of Recipes.

Thanks for visiting our site and remember to eat your vegetables.