Covered Bridge Produce


Friends of Covered Bridge Produce - The website of our sole farmers' market. The Glenside Farmers' Market operates every Saturday morning at the Glenside Train Station. - The website of Erin Owen, Holistic Health Counselor. Erin works with clients to help them attain an energized and passionate life. Interesting links including recipes. - A great local site with interesting nutritional information and links. Visit it to find out more about an important Philadelphia resource and a great place to eat.

Finding Good Food - The website of the Robyn Van En Center which collects information on CSA farms. - Another source to identify CSA farms anywhere in the USA. - A nonprofit online directory of farms, CSAs, farmers' markets and other sources of sustainably produced food.


An extensive recipe site with lots of great ideas for cooking our vegetables, visit - A giant database of recipes.

Conscious Choice offers dozens of interesting articles about the environment, health, culture and food. Our link, will lead you to a set of short columns with recipes about corn, okra, basil, chard, peas, potatoes and many other vegetables. Click on Cooking with the Seasons to access them. Typical is Choy to the World which describes several of the varieties of Pac Choi we grew this year.

About Organic Farming - The website of our certifying organization, Pennsylvania Certified Organic.

A discussion of basic questions concerning organic farming is available from the Organic Farming Research Foundation's website

A short essay on organic farming from ENN.

Food Safety

A scary story about children and food - Eating Organic Produce Reduces Pesticide Exposure

A detailed discussion of pesticide levels on produce -

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