Covered Bridge Produce

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We offer certified organic, locally-grown produce, selected individually by each of our subscribers. Our web-based ordering system allows you to shop our fields and pick your produce while it is still in the ground. Your choices will be delivered weekly about 24 hours after they are harvested.

If you are interested in trying our service but doubtful about your ability to consume ten generous vegetable selections a week, consider partnering with another family to purchase a share. Our new software allows families sharing a share to order independently. Don't know who to share as share with? Let us find a match for you!

You may become a subscriber by completing our application form (PDF or HTML) and returning it to us with your payment or deposit. If you are sharing your share, please send us an application form for each shareholder. We use the information on the application form to call or email shareholders in case of delivery delays and to send an occasional piece of mail to our subscribers. If you have questions about the application process, please email us at or call us at (610) 689-0110.

Download the 2006 Subscription Form: PDF or HTML

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