Covered Bridge Produce

News from the Farm

Saturday Oct 21st, 2006
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

The frost has had its way with some of our crops, but the herbs and greens are still in pretty good shape. The eggplant fruits are still usable, although the vines were killed by our first frost over a week ago. Accordingly, we would like to invite you to forage among the still standing crops for what will probably be our last harvest day. We are expecting another series of frosts which will probably finish off much of what has been available up to now. Rain is expected tomorrow afternoon, so you might want to come on the early side. As before, we will have farm staff available to help and put out the garlic which we harvested earlier this season. I apologize for the late notice. I wasn'�t sure there was anything worth harvesting until I looked in response to several requests.

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